Club Core and AEC Safety Solutions Partnership Advances Workplace Safety Management for Clubs.

Club Core, a developer of software and content designed exclusively for clubs, and AEC Safety Solutions have partnered to leverage the power of the Club Core platform for health and safety training, digital form submissions, promotion of new policies and program analysis within the club sector. AEC Safety Solutions uses Club Core exclusively for their workplace safety program delivery.

A Health and Safety Excellence Program through WSIB is now available on the Club Core platform for clubs to administer in-house and managed by AEC’s experienced team. The program digitizes workplace health and safety management to reduce liability risk and create a safer work environment.

Club Core President, Mike Sandrock, states, “Anyone at a club who is involved with trying to manage workplace health and safety requirements experiences the overwhelming paperwork that must be maintained. With our new program, club managers can move past workplace health binders, files and forms to digitized health and safety. Everything they need is online and at their fingertips.”

“The major obstacle facing companies today related to efficient, successful safety programs is a lack of consistent documentation. Proper documentation is an essential source of due diligence for workplace safety and without a platform or program management service, managers will consistently struggle to stay current.,” says AE Safety Solutions President, Tyler Scott.

Club Core’s platform is well suited to health and safety management as it includes an online training system, communication tools and form automation, all critical elements of a workplace safety program delivery platform. The functionality is a complement to the Club Core’s central applications for that range from staff communication and training, to Human Resource management.

Sandrock adds, “AEC has managed the safety programs for well over 1,000 projects, ranging in size from small organizations to large corporations. We are extremely pleased to be able to partner with such a reputable company and to provide this type of service to our member clubs.”


For clubs operating in Ontario, they are offering an exclusive program to lower the net cost of Club Core. Clubs that leverage the program will have their health and safety managed by AEC Safety Solutions with an upgrade to the WSIB’s new Health and Safety Excellence Program and a financial incentive with a net rebate to use towards Club Core.

“Whether the motivation is to reduce the risk of hazards or a recognition badge from WSIB to show staff and members your commitment to an upgraded health and safety culture, clubs that take advantage of this exclusive pricing for program management and use the rebate to lower the cost of their Club Core subscription are in a win-win situation,” concludes Scott.


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