With an 18 hole golf course, year-round restaurant and welcoming patio, White Squirrel Golf Club offers unique guest experiences to tourists and members alike.


White Squirrel Golf Club is a new business that opted for a proactive, technology-driven approach to club management


After White Squirrel Golf Club was purchased in 2018, the new owners immediately began an expansion to better serve members, tourists, and local residents. The impressive renovation included a year-round restaurant, bar and patio. The team had a vision of creating unique experiences for tournaments and other events, as well as their members and guests.

Brittany Nigh, Director of Golf Operations, describes her early days as part of the original team leading the new business. “In the beginning there was a lot of running around. We were a new business, and a lot was happening quickly. It was hectic to say the least.”

As they prepared to open, General Manager Dusty Carter and the leadership team decided to take a proactive approach to streamline business practices. 

“We quickly became a team of over eighty people,” explains Nigh. 

“Trying to hire and keep all the paperwork straight was job enough, but we had to create checklists and spreadsheets to plan where we wanted to be and then make it happen. Trying to track people down and provide training was a very manual, time-consuming effort.”

White Squirrel clubhouse

To better manage internal business processes, particularly staff-related tasks such as training, communication and compliance, the team decided to adopt Club Core.

“We’re still a fast-moving club, but now we’re organized and actively establishing best practices for the future. It is a huge credit to our team – and the tool that helped to get us there was Club Core.”

The staff at White Squirrel now take advantage of the many aspects of Club Core software. In addition to the notice board, one of the first modules the team adopted was staff training for all club employees. The platform includes built-in content for each role that the team was able to configure to their own requirements. 

“Unlike established clubs, even our supervisors were new. We had to rely on them to train staff without an established baseline of service standards, we needed a way to show everyone ‘this is the way we do this’,” adds Nigh. .

Club staff now use Club Core’s in-app training courses to learn the ropes of their role, which allows supervisors to focus on hands-on training. 

“It is so helpful having all the training courses, human resource documents and forms ready-made.”

As General Manager, Dusty Carter explains, the Club Core support and implementation team also contributed to the club’s success. 

“Lisa and Lyna from Club Core played a key role with our implementation.  Their support and guidance throughout the process was crucial for a successful launch.”

It is so helpful having all the training courses, human resource documents and forms ready-made. 

Brittany Nigh
Director of Golf Operations

The team at White Squirrel also uses Club Core’s notice board, task management and workflow tools. 

From opening and closing processes, health inspections, COVID-19 protocols and even uniform requests, digital checklists and forms are available for employees to complete on their phone, with management able to confirm compliance whenever, wherever. 

As Brittany shares, “This generation of employees doesn’t want to carry around a clipboard. An app is a really appealing way for them to complete their assigned duties and connect with their team.”

Brittany provides a particular example of how communication has improved with the use of Club Core. Prior to having the communication tools on the app, events were difficult to coordinate, with significant effort required on behalf of event managers to contact each staff member to fill them in on event details and expectations. 

“Of course, with events, things can change very quickly and when they do, how do you notify everyone that needs to know? This is now so easy with the app,” concludes Nigh. 

From planning events and managing compliance to improving workplace safety and culture – Club Core is a tool that the team relies on to connect their staff to what’s happening at the club. 

 “There is a misconception that this type of tool is only for exclusive or multi-course clubs. We are a vibrant young club leading our industry in how we’re operating. Club Core is incredibly valuable for a single club like ours.”

Brittany provides one last, but critical, example. White Squirrel’s governmental and regulatory compliance tracking such as labour and workplace safety are now integrated into the platform.

“We have a peace of mind that we are constantly aware of what is happening inside and outside of our club. Any size of club can benefit from this kind of solution. There’s use for it in every club environment,” concludes Nigh. 







We have a peace of mind that we are constantly aware of what is happening inside and outside of our club. 
Brittany Nigh, Director of Golf Operations