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How to Solve Club Issues In Half the Time.

Thursday August 26, 2021

By Brad Duench 

The morning dew is still thick on the 18th green and I’ve already been in my office for a few hours.  

I’ve sent my daily message to every manager, outlining how many members and guests are on the tee sheet along with which VIPs, maintenance projects and events are on the docket for the day. The club was packed yesterday, pace of play had to be addressed with a few members, but this morning I can carve out some time to share this article. 


Club GMs know the struggle of time and balance more than many professions. We are masters of wearing many hats. 

My policy is open door and I am a GM that prioritizes time on the floor and on the green. When time permits, I help new managers train staff, meet with drop-in vendors and do my best to balance the committees (oh, the multiple committees). Time is a currency I always seem short on.  

My club adopted Club Core late last season. As we end our first end-to-end season on the platform, it’s fair to say that my day and our club’s operations have been transformed. 

We no longer struggle with four separate systems to communicate to members and staff, training is streamlined, board collaboration takes place over the app and our HR systems are always up to date. I’ve shaved at least an hour off my day. 


Managing member requests and issues had been the toughest challenge to resolve. 

Whether policy related, issues with dress code, member questions, maintenance logs, pace of play issues (like we had yesterday) or even our club’s wait list; resolving my club’s issues in a timely, effective way has been elusive. We’ve tried tracking using spreadsheets, email and even a whiteboard in the team area. 

In response to feedback, Club Core has added a module to manage forms and checklists through their digital platform. 

These flexible, paperless forms can be used for anything from registrations to event planning or COVID-19 sign-ins, but I’m most interested in applying the functionality to resolve issues and generate reports to audit trends and areas of focus.

Our member expectations are evolving. Club Core’s new functionality is exactly what I’ve been looking for to meet and exceed our member and guest expectations head-on – without adding hours to my day. 


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