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Club Core and Greenius Set a Higher Standard in Club Training for Ground Crews.

Tuesday July 20, 2021

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In the golf industry, it’s not unusual to hire students fresh out of school to run a zero-turn mower or powered trap rake. The reality is, how that employee learns the proper and safe way to operate equipment, including the safety gear required and hazards associated with it, traditionally depends on their immediate supervisor who may or may not have correctly learned this themselves.  

Safety incidents are a real risk to a club’s reputation, as well as a source of higher worker’s compensation and insurance premiums. Improperly trained grounds crew staff also raises the risk of costly equipment failures, overtime cost and poor course conditions.

The Club Core team is on a mission to build the ultimate solution for club managers. Our platform isn’t just great club engagement software, it’s also a hub of club-relevant training content and documents for every team within your club. For ground crews, we’re partnering up with Greenius, the landscaping industry’s leading training platform, for an even more robust selection of resources.


“The addition of landscaping training from Greenius to our extensive training content is another example of how we're adding value for clubs,” explains Mike Sandrock, Club Core President.

Greenius sets the standard for online training in the green industry. In fact, they cover every aspect of greens training from equipment and safety training to pruning and plant transportation. 


Here’s a quick preview of just a few of their courses:

• Golf course ride-on mowers

• Powered trap rake

• Utility and golf carts

• Walk-behind greens and tee mower

• Supervisor: Planning your day and morning prep

• Zero-turn mower


Interested in pairing Greenius with your Club Core subscription? Let’s talk. 


Keep the course looking great
and your ground crew safe.

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